10 Tips For Becoming A Successful Fashion Blogger

10 Tips For Becoming A Successful Fashion Blogger
10 Tips For Becoming A Successful Fashion Blogger

You can make money blogging about the latest fashion trends and looks. Fashion bloggers receive free clothes, jewelry, shoes and makeup for free to model on their websites and social media pages. These bloggers also earn money from sales generated from links on their sites. They are paid a commission when someone buys a product. The sky is the limit on how much you can make each month as long as you have patience, drive and ambition!

Become a fashion blogger.


If you're passionate about fashion and have a creative eye, there's no better time to become a fashion blogger. You'll need to know how to take good photos and write well, but if you can combine those skills with knowing what the latest trends are and having a great social media presence, then it's off to the races!

It's also important that you keep your profile fresh and updated regularly. If people don't see new content from you regularly enough, they might forget about your blog or even unsubscribe from it altogether. The best way to avoid this is by constantly evolving your look and style—this will keep people interested in what you do next!

Have a love of clothes and fashion.


Being a fashion blogger is not easy. You have to be dedicated and passionate about the subject matter you are writing about, and that means knowing everything there is to know about fashion. Most of the successful bloggers I know had some experience in the industry before they started blogging (maybe they were already working as stylists or editors), but even those who didn't have any experience still had a love for clothes and good taste! If you want to become a fashion blogger, make sure that you can talk about trends and styles with ease.

Be creative and know how to take good photos.


This is one of the most important skills to have as a fashion blogger, since it's what your audience will see first on your Instagram account. Take good photos and make sure that they're edited well. The best way to do this is by using natural light and setting up your camera on a tripod. If you don't have access to natural light, try taking photos outside during the day or at night with a flashlight or lamp nearby.

If all else fails, use an app like Snapseed to edit all the bad lighting out of your pictures! There are also apps like Facetune that let you edit everything from body shape to facial features with ease (but don't use them too much).

When taking selfies with friends or family members: use a selfie stick! It'll make everyone look better than if they were holding their phone in front of them awkwardly!

Choose a style that sets you apart from other bloggers.


It's important to know your style and stick to it. Don't try to be someone else; instead, be true to yourself and the style that you want your blog to represent. It's also important not to try too hard or imitate other bloggers, because in the end, no one wants a carbon copy of someone else’s blog.

Know what the latest trends are and the design houses to follow their work.


  • Design houses to follow: You should know the design houses that are doing good work and following their work closely. This way, you can get inspiration for your own work and also learn how they do it. Some of the top fashion brands that are worth checking out include:

  • Louis Vuitton

  • Gucci

  • Armani

  • Versace

It is important that you know the latest trends in the fashion industry so that you can incorporate them into your blog posts. This will help make sure that your content stays relevant and interesting for readers who are looking for new trends to try out themselves.

Build followers.

  • Build a following on social media. The most obvious way to build followers is by posting regularly on social media. Instagram in particular is a great platform for fashion bloggers, as its feeds are filled with aspirational photos and captions that prompt users to comment and like posts. In addition, you can use hashtags to make your photos more visible or share them by engaging in conversations with other users who might not know about your blog yet!

  • Build a following through blogging. Blogging is another way to build an audience because it gives readers an opportunity to get familiar with your writing style and personality before deciding whether or not they want follow you elsewhere online (like on Instagram or Twitter). You should also be sure not only write good content but also include links back up top where possible so those interested can easily find out more about how they can read more posts from yours!

  • Build a following through being active on forums/discussion boards like Reddit or Quora."

Get sponsored by clothing brands.


Getting sponsored by clothing brands is the easiest way to start making money as a fashion blogger. You can also get sponsored by cosmetics brands, travel brands, lifestyle brands and even food and fitness brands!

Here's how it works: you get paid for promoting their products. This is called affiliate marketing. The more people you reach on your blog or Instagram account the more money you make!

Have a great social media presence.


You have to have a good social media presence. That's just the fact. If you don't have a great website, you need to get one and make sure it's professional and consistent with your brand. Your design should be unique, creative and reflect your voice as well as the audience that you're trying to reach. You need to post regularly so people are familiar with what they can expect from you (i.e., frequency).

  • Be honest with yourself about what kind of content works for you and which doesn't.*

Keep your profile fresh and updated regularly.


It's always good to keep your profile fresh and updated regularly. Fresh content is a great way to attract more followers, especially if you're new.

Here are some ideas on what kinds of things you can do:

  • Update your profile frequently. Update it with new photos, new content or links (links are great for driving traffic to your blog), or even new information about yourself!

Constantly evolve your look and style to keep your profile current, unique and interesting.


You must constantly evolve your look and style to keep your profile current, unique and interesting.

For example, if you are a fashion blogger from the UK, you may want to avoid doing outfits that feature American brands or styles. There are many different ways of being creative. You could do a series of posts featuring just one brand (such as Louis Vuitton). Other bloggers have done this for Chanel, Gucci or Dior.

Another way is by creating “outfit of the day” posts every day for 365 days – one outfit per day! This will give you plenty of content for social media and make people want to keep coming back for more!

have a love of clothes and fashion

  • Be passionate about the clothes you wear.

  • Be able to write about the clothes you wear.

  • Be able to take good photos of the clothes you wear.

  • Be able to show the clothes you wear.

  • Have a love of fashion and style, not just one brand or type of clothing (like shoes).



I hope these tips helped you to decide if becoming a fashion blogger is right for you. The best advice I can give anyone before they start out as an influencer is to understand how much work goes into it and that it isn’t easy. You need to be dedicated, hardworking, and have a love of clothes and fashion in order to make it as a successful influencer or blogger.


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