6 Ways to Monetise Your Blog That Don’t Involve Ads

Based on the size and engagement of your following, it can be easy to generate income and some bloggers even find that they can quit their main career and make a living with blogging. It’s not easy to turn a blog into a revenue source; one way that you can do this is to include advertisements, but this can adversely impact the share of experience your readers want to have. Here are 6 other methods to monetise your blog without needing to run advertisements.


Offer Premium Content

Provide free and premium content. With your complimentary posts, share insights with your target audience that you may also use to address particular difficulties they experience with each issue. For additional assistance, your audience may purchase a subscription to your site to take advantage of your premium content. Free posts in a library provide a glimpse of what audiences will get in paid-for articles.


Create Information Products

Create info products for sale to the general public based on what you provide your readers that is worth spending on. These can be eBooks, reports, video lectures, or pre-recorded webinar recordings. An information product is different from a blog, in that you can earn a passive income after creating the item.


Publish Kindle Books

You can publish a book on your topic on Amazon's Kindle platform and increase your audience through your blog. Then write blog articles about each chapter and then provide readers with links to Amazon in order to buy them. Provide three chapters of the book as sneak previews for their reading pleasure before you post the whole piece on your blog. Afterwards, direct your readers to your Amazon page to view the entire product. Information products similar to books can make passive income in this manner.


Sell Affiliate Products

Along with your informative and educational web content, you can pitch affiliate products. Join an affiliate network and pick products that your mattress readers would love. You can consequently advertise these products and services and take a favourable compensation from any sales to your audience. Some vendors can even give you the tailored material to utilise.


Offer Coaching Services

Through your website, you're sharing your special knowledge with readers to help them solve their problems. If they are interested, they can get in contact with you for private consulting. Add a contact form to your sidebar to make it easier for the interested to learn more about working with you.


Accept Donations

Many nonprofit blogs communicate with their readers by means of their websites to request a donation. Tell them something like, "If you like this work of ours, then please consider supporting us." You can use a crowdfunding site like Patreon or a plugin to make things easy for them. A lot of blogs cannot expect that any kind donations at all, but these kinds of contributions can offer you some work, if you know how to operate these plugins.


How to Earn from Your Blog

  • Build your audience first. The goal of your blog is to demonstrate your expertise and make yourself the go-to source of information on your topic. If you build a strong relationship with your audience, it’s much more likely they’ll buy.
  • Blog consistently. All the monetization strategies above depend on you creating regular content to keep your audience engaged and draw web traffic.
  • Solve your readers’ problems. If you want to build a relationship and credibility fast, learn what problems your audience faces and offer solutions through your content.


The right strategy with blogging, or any kind of content marketing for that matter, is to pay it forward with value first and promote later. If you do this right, you can earn a good income from your blog.

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