How to Start A Sports Blog That Will Generate Revenue

How to Start A Sports Blog
How to Start A Sports Blog

You don't have to be an experienced sports blogger to start a successful sports blog. Anyone can create a blog on a particular sport or team, as long as they have the enthusiasm and motivation to make it happen. If your passion is sport? Then let's get started!

How to start a sports blog

  • Choose your audience. First, you need to decide who the readers of your sports blog will be. Are they a niche market? If so, what kind of people are they? What do they like to see in their sports blogs? Are they interested in stats and facts or are they more into opinions and analysis?

  • Choose a sports blog niche. Once you've determined who your audience is, think about what kind of content would appeal to them—and then find out whether there's already an established site for that type of content.

  • Choose a good domain name for your new site. It should be short, memorable, catchy (but not too cutesy), easy to spell correctly (no typos!) and preferably something that relates to the topic(s) covered on the blog itself — but if none of these criteria fit with what you want from a domain name then go ahead by all means! Just make sure there aren't any other websites using this same term because someone else may have beaten you too it first; otherwise choose another option instead such as "sportsblogger" instead which doesn't seem quite right either unless perhaps partway through had decided against blogging altogether due being busy working fulltime job instead doing freelance web design work instead -- which leads us right back where we started again: having chosen title after title...

Choose your audience and sports blog niche


Decide which sport you want to write about and focus on a specific market. For example, if you are a baseball fan, then it would be best to start a blog on MLB news or scores instead of football or basketball. This will help narrow down the scope of your content and make it easier for people interested in the same topic as yours to find it when searching online.*

  • Do some research before starting a sports blog: Market research will give insight into what people are looking for when they search for information related to sports on Google or other search engines.*


Pick a good domain name and GoDaddy blog hosting plan


  • Choose a domain name that is easy to remember. If you have an idea for the name of your blog, use it, but if not, there are many sites like Namechk that can help you find good, available names. (They also offer suggestions on how to make the most of them.) Make sure the spelling is simple and consistent throughout all of your content.

  • Be sure it’s easy to spell! You don't want people having trouble finding your site because they can't figure out how to type in its URL correctly or because they've misspelled it once too often when searching for sports content online.

  • Choose one that reads well when said aloud; this will help people remember it once they've seen it written down somewhere else—like in an article about your website!

  • Pick something short enough so as not overburden readers who have been forced by their bosses into reading more than usual during lunch hour (and probably aren't excited about doing so).


Install WordPress and customize your site


Now that you have a domain name and hosting, it's time to install WordPress. WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) that makes it easy to publish high-quality content on your website. There are some great themes available for free from WordPress, or you can pay for premium themes if you want something more custom.

Once you've installed WordPress and customized your site with a theme, add some things that will make it feel like home:

  • Add a logo (or use the default one).

  • Choose social media buttons so readers can follow you on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

  • Add a blogroll list of other sports blogs they should check out! Or even better yet... add their blogroll link too! That way they'll see themselves listed right next to other awesome sites in the same niche as yours!


Assess the level of blogging help you need


Before you decide what kind of blog service is right for you, it's important to assess the level of blogging help that's already available in your organization. If there's an existing blog or social media presence, it may not be necessary to hire a professional blogger at all. Perhaps all that needs to be done is repurposing some existing content into a new format and directing social media posts toward specific hashtags. This type of project could easily be handled by an intern or employee who has been trained on how to manage various social media platforms.

The three most common types of blogging services are:

  • Bloggers-for-hire (also known as freelance bloggers)

  • On-staff bloggers

  • Paid contributors


Decide how to create your blog content


Here are some things to keep in mind as you decide how to create your blog content:

  • Write original content. Your content should be different from what others have written or talked about before. You'll want to write something that's particularly useful for the people who visit your site, especially those who regularly read other sports blogs and websites.

  • Write interesting content. If no one wants to read what you have to say, then they won't come back! Make sure that every post has something interesting about it—some insight that readers can use or an opinion that they're curious about hearing more about from someone else's perspective (or even just a funny anecdote). If possible, try writing at least one blog post each day so people can check back often for new information throughout their day instead of just checking once per week when it feels most convenient--this will help increase traffic on the site overall too!

  • Write easy-to-read articles


Create your own unique sports logo for your blog header


Of course, you can also create a logo without being an artist. You just have to be creative and think outside of the box. If you’re not into drawing, there are other ways to make your own sports logo.

  • Use a free online tool like Canva or PicMonkey and customize their premade designs

  • Go on Pinterest for inspiration. See what types of images others are using in their logos, and try to adapt them for your own blog (just don't copy outright)

  • Draw something with MS Paint or another drawing program on your computer that looks similar to what you want your logo to look like


Set up social media channels for your blog


As a blogger, you have to be an online personality. That means setting up social media channels for your blog and building a presence there. Your primary channel will be Facebook, since it has the largest reach of any social network (2 billion users). You should also create Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube accounts for your blog so that you can interact with other content creators in addition to posting updates about new posts on your own website.


Share your posts on social media and build an audience.


After you finish writing your blog post, the next step is to share it on social media. This is an excellent way to build an audience and grow your brand. You can also use social media sites like Facebook or Twitter to connect with people who’ve enjoyed your content and help them find more of it.

Additionally, if you have a list of email subscribers for your blog, you can promote new posts directly in those emails.


Starting a sports blog is easier than you may think


Starting a sports blog is easier than you may think. For all of the reasons mentioned above, it's important to choose a topic that you can afford to write about regularly, and one that is unique enough so that your audience will want to read what you have to say.

If these criteria are met, then you're ready to start writing!

Making money from your sports blog


You can monetise your sports blog in a number of different ways, but there are 3 main methods that are most popular:

Here are some options:


The most common way to monetise a blog is through advertising. You can do this by selling advertising space on your site to companies who want to reach your audience. There are many different types of advertising:

Banner ads – These are links placed at the top or bottom of web pages that contain text, images and video. They’re often used to promote products or services. They’re also known as display ads because they’re designed for users to see and interact with visually.

Sponsored posts – These are blog posts written by advertisers that contain links back to their sites along with other promotional content (like images). Sponsored posts are meant to be informative but may include paid links which make them look like editorial content (even though they aren’t). If a post contains a link that looks like an editorial recommendation but isn’t labelled clearly as sponsored, it could be considered deceptive advertising by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).





It’s possible to create a sports blog that has the potential to earn you a full-time income from home. Just follow these steps and you can build your dream sports blog and make money from it in no time!

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