How to write a blog post title

how to write a blog post title

That's the question I was asked recently. And it's a great one because once you’ve decided to start a blog, you want people to see it. You've got to write a title that will get the attention of your reader and make them want to read on.

I’m not sure if there are any rules for writing blog titles, but here are some tips on how I started my blog. Hopefully, they may help you when you write your next title:

  • Define what your problem is before getting started on a solution.

  • Set goals before diving into writing your first post.

  • Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing with their blogs (you'll never be able to do everything), stay true to yourself and focus on your own goals and what you want to achieve with your blog.

  • Be ambitious but remain realistic about what you need to do in order for your blog or website to stand out from the rest (there are millions of other bloggers out there).

Specificity on what's inside

Specificity is a key trait of good blog topics. People are busy, and the time they spend reading your content is valuable to them. So make sure you’re not wasting their time. If you have a list post, say so in the title. If you have something compelling to offer about Facebook advertising, put that in the headline so readers know what to expect inside and can immediately see if it’s something they want to read or not.

Use Numbers

You should: Use Numbers.

Having numbers in your title is a good thing. Readers love them. They are similar to lists and we all know how much everyone loves those! But why do they work? The reason is that they catch our attention and make your title easier to remember and share. They also help with search engine optimization,

There’s really not too much else I need to say about this one because the numbers speak for themselves (pun intended), but if you want further proof of how well they work, here’s an example from my own blog:

10 Tips to Take your blogging up a notch

Show your reader how he or she can benefit from reading the post.

Ideally, your title should be able to stand on its own and make the reader want to read more. For example, a blog post titled “How To Write a Blog Post Title” is more likely to grab someone's attention than “How To Create Clickable Headlines.”

When you're trying to think of something clever for your post title, don't forget about the basics! Your headline should show the benefits of reading your post and provide actionable tips that the reader can put into practice immediately. Here are a few words and phrases you might want to consider using:

  • Get, learn, start, find

  • Discover, improve, become

Be specific

Look at it this way: You’re scrolling through Facebook and you see a headline that says "You Should Take Action." That’s not going to grab your attention.

But what if you saw a headline that said "The Number One Reason You Shouldn't Drink Diet Soda?" You would be curious to know why someone shouldn't drink diet soda, wouldn't you?

When writing a blog post title, knowing your audience is key. Write your title with the reader in mind. Make him or her feel like the article is specifically for them. A good way to do this is by starting with a question like the one above ("Why Shouldn't You Drink Diet Soda?").

Write something specific about what the reader will get out of reading your article. Let them know by how much, or how many, they will benefit from reading it. For example, if you're writing an article about improving efficiency as a manager, why not write: "How To Improve Efficiency As A Manager By 20%"

This immediately tells readers that they are going to learn something new by reading your article. And they will find out exactly how much their efficiency will improve with the steps outlined in your blog post!

Be honest

There are few things more frustrating than clicking on a promising-sounding article, only to find that the headline was misleading and the content didn’t live up to your expectations. So don’t do that. If you want people to read your blog posts, you should be writing compelling headlines, but not at the expense of being honest about what readers will find in the post. What follows are some tips for writing engaging headlines that reflect your actual content.

Focus on benefits, not features.

In some ways, writing a blog post title is like writing an ad. It’s no accident that many of the most popular blog posts in the world are also headline gold.

Another way to think about this is “What’s in it for me?” Why should your audience read this particular post? What do you have to offer that many others don’t?

If you can put yourself in their shoes, and think about what would benefit them most and make them happy, then you can write something they like.

Use Humor



If you can inject humor into your headline then do it! We are all drawn to things that make us smile, laugh or simply put a smile on our face. So if your headline makes someone smirk, chuckle or have a good chuckle to themselves then they’ll not only be more inclined to click on your post but they will also remember it and come back to read it again later which is always a good sign! If you are going down the humorous route when writing headlines here are some ideas:

  • Be witty

  • Use a pun

  • Be sarcastic

  • Use a famous quote

  • Use a famous saying

  • Use a famous tagline

  • Use a funny word such as “blimey” for example (I don't know why I just thought of this) But you get the idea :) Any other comments/suggestions welcome below."

How to master the art of writing blog titles

Writing a blog can be one of the most fun and rewarding experiences of your life. I know it certainly has been for me. The phrase “blog” may have begun as an awkward-sounding portmanteau of “web” and “log,” but its origins don't detract from its true purpose: to provide you with a platform for sharing your thoughts with the world in an unfiltered, uncensored manner. Enjoyment aside, however, just because you feel like starting up a blog doesn't mean that you automatically know how to write good blog posts.

That's where I come in. In this post I will show you how to take that spark of creativity—that idea sitting at the back of your mind—and turn it into something worth reading. I'll give you my tips on writing everything from blog titles to blog content so that people will actually want to read what you have to say.


If you use these tips and ideas in your upcoming blog post titles, the results will be pretty amazing. Your hard work and creativity will pay off and your blog posts will get far better CTRs than they've ever had before. You'll become a genius headline writer, if not at least a decent one. If all else fails, just try to be as honest as possible in your headlines (with a hint of humor) and you'll probably do okay! In conclusion: Be honest. Be funny. And let them know what's coming.

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